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And I’m back

November 5, 2014 Uncategorized

Self Portrait


Once upon a time I was held captive in corporate America at Entergy and was looking for an escape route. My plan was to be a professional photographer. Unfortunately, the fastest way to do that was to do weddings. So, I started doing weddings while still producing photos that I liked of everyday scenes of New Orleans in the hopes that I could someday make a living selling prints of my work. In 2005 everything changed. Hurricane Katrina hit, and while it was a disaster for most, it opened an unexpected door for me. I bought a much beloved comic book store, BSI Comics. I was finally free of the chains of corporate America. Unfortunately, my photography took a back seat, until now. Looking for a new creative outlet, I’ve come back to photography. All of the pictures currently showcased on this site were taken pre-Katrina. I’m looking forward to getting back to some creative work and documenting the world around me. Much of the posts on this site will be about pictures I’ve taken and the thought processes behind them. Feel free to contact me with comments at

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