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I’m such and idiot – Ballet Edition

November 6, 2014 NOLA, People



So, I took a photography non-credit class at night at Delgado. The teacher liked my work and asked if I’d like to go to a ballet and take pictures. Of course I would, I mean I love Degas’ ballerina pictures. Armed with my new camera I set out to shoot the show live. The only rule they have is no flash photography. No problem, I won’t even mount my flash. Well, the camera had a crappy on board flash and the button to arm it was right by one of my fingers. Before I knew it I had fired off several (like 15) pictures with a flash. The dancers and the audience were quite pissed and I felt like a complete idiot. The upshot is that I got this really cool picture. The picture after this one is the dancer sitting crossed legged on the stage giving me the evil eye.

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